The Twist and Shout Studio was founded in 1976. We offer affordable State of the Art Digital Services.

Digital Scanning

Our Photographic scanning services are moderately priced so that you can afford to have the long lasting memories you deserve.

  • Put your photos on a disc for viewing on your computer.
  • Make a DVD movie with your pictures to be viewed on your TV or Computer
  • Set up your own "Living Picture Frame" to run 24/7 for your enjoyment everyday.
  • Set up a Personal Presentation to be shown Live at your event (Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or Retirement.)

Transfers:  Cassette Tapes, Records, VHS, 8mm, to CD, computer files or DVD:

    We can transfer any 33 1/3 (album) or 45 records or cassette tapes to CD. We can clean up most of the pops and clicks depending on the quality of the original record.

Digital audio editing:

      Talent Shows - Cheerleading Squads -Children's Projects - Vocal Demos and voice overs. Twist and Shout Studio can put together medleys, make songs longer or  shorter, change the verses or choruses without missing a beat.

CD and DVD Duplicating Services:

Twist and Shout Studio offers CD duplicating services for small applications from 1 to 500 copies.